Electrification IS HERE.
Electrification is here, and the future of mobility will never be the same. #TeamAAM is comprised of makers, developers, lifelong learners and tinkerers who are working together to shape the future of mobility. Our solutions are scalable and modular, and able to power a wide range of vehicle segments from light and small to powerful and adventurous. Electric Drive Technology by AAM is already POWERing some of the world’s leading EVs including the award-winning Jaguar I-PACE and the Baojun E300 Plus. 
Jaguar I-Pace
Jaguar I-Pace
E-drive unit for Jaguar's luxury SUV
BAojun E300 Plus
E-drive unit for Chinese microcar
Forthcoming vehicles
Future Vehicles
European, Chinese and American vehicles to be released

Vehicle Architectures

With a scalable and modular product portfolio, AAM can provide P3 and P4 electric drive units with the features and power levels to serve a wide range of vehicle segments and electric propulsion architectures. 
P3 CGI image
P3b Hybrid Architecture
P4 CGI image
P4 Split Axle Hybrid Architecture
P4 CGI image
P4 RWD Architecture
P4 CGI image
P4 AWD Architecture
P4 CGI image
P4 AWD MPV Architecture
P3 CGI image
P4 FWD Architecture
P4 CGI image
P4 Architecture AWD
P4 CGI image
P4 4WD Architecture
P4 CGI image
P4 4WD HD Architecture

Charging Toward the Electric Future

AAM is highly prepared for multiple vehicle segments, scalable volumes and an infinite number of challenges and goals. We have breakthrough integrated hybrid and electric drive products ready now, and a pipeline of electric propulsion, electronics and software innovations on the way. 
Thrive with Us. 
AAM offers passionate self-starters and relentless problem-solvers the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of transformative technology. Since we are building the future of mobility, our team has the chance to take an entrepreneurial role, shifting when necessary but always moving forward. Instead of accepting the answers in the market today, we constantly aim to break barriers and produce products that aren’t in the market, with attributes no one has seen yet. We’re creative, hungry and passionate about innovation. Are you? 
"AAM is a great company for people who are self-starters. We have a culture very much against micro-management." 
- Rita Arnold, Senior Product Engineer, Detroit, Michigan
We’re Not a Start-Up – We’re a Smart-Up.
At AAM, our minds are spinning, not our wheels. We’re doing things that are so fast, so smart and so innovative that we’re disrupting the disruption. We already have a reputation for delivering solutions on time, every time, to the highest quality standards. We’re now building our reputation for bringing the future faster with our electrification products and technologies.
"We are using our knowledge of gearboxes to completely imagine electric motors and other components." 
- Jim Downs, Executive Director of Product Engineering Innovation, Detroit, Michigan
Never Stop Learning. 
Those who are naturally curious and intrigued by what “could be” find their place at AAM, where learning is hardwired into our systems and where the boundaries are always moving. We turn “could” into “can.” We’re building a future that no one has ever seen, so everyone learns here, including our resident experts. At AAM, you’ll be working with the top minds in the electrification industry. 
“We are fighting physics. Our biggest competitors are Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, Joseph Henry, and Nikola Tesla.” - Craig Renneker, Vice President, Product Engineering, Detroit, Michigan
Disrupting the Disruption
For AAM, electrification is more than a buzzword. Our electrification vision has grown from a spark of an idea over a decade ago into a reality where we are designing, engineering and manufacturing highly integrated, high speed e-drive units that deliver remarkable improvements over the competition for our global customers. Whether you’re based in Detroit or any of our approximately 80 facilities around the world, being part of #TeamAAM means you’re driving some of the most significant changes in decades to the automotive industry. 
“We have the design to leapfrog the competition, and now we’re turning that design into reality." - Tony Pistagnesi, Head of Electrification Business, Detroit, Michigan

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