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AAM is Bringing the Future Faster. We are shaping the industry and changing the future with our breakthrough mobility products ready now and our pipeline of innovations that are on the way. Every member of #TeamAAM is emPOWERed to make a difference from day one. You’ll have the opportunity to grow, embrace challenges, build your skills and bring your authentic self to work every day, all while helping to shape the future of mobility for AAM… and the world.


Do You Have the POWER to Make a Difference?
As a member of #TeamAAM, your work truly matters. Our team transforms “could” into “can” by taking initiative, trying things that might (or might not) work and working together to continue iterating to build something new and meaningful. From day one, we understand that each of us matters because we are an integral piece of the puzzle. Together, we innovate, make continuous improvements and achieve world-class quality.
"I learned to push my limits. At the same time, I always felt recognized and supported by my leadership."- Andreas Kutschke, Senior Manager, Product Engineering, Langen, Germany


AAM 360 is our comprehensive health, wellness and growth program designed to provide a complete associate experience.  AAM is committed to emPOWERing our Associates to reach their full potential.  
Are You Surrounded by People Driven to Succeed?
Strong and experienced leaders foster ambitious and creative teams here, fueled by the powerful ways we find to build a brighter future. We relish responsibility and enjoy a good challenge. Driven by our commitment to Quality, Operational Excellence and Technology Leadership, our teams are agile, passionate and have a shared thirst for success. Together, these elements have propelled us forward for the last 25+ years. They also position us to provide innovative solutions that will drive our success well into the future. 
"Our team is very powerful. They will train me how to solve problems, and they will let me build up self-confidence." 
- Junjie Wu, Senior Controls Engineer, Detroit, MI 
Are you Looking for a Work team? 
At AAM, you’re more than just an Associate – you’re part of the #TeamAAM family. 

Yes, it sounds a bit sappy. But we truly do feel like a family here, with a deep sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. We take on challenges together and know that we can count on each other. We also celebrate victories, even when they’re on the other side of the globe. What we do here matters and we’re grateful that we’re in this together.

"It's great to work with such a cross-section of people and teams, who make decisions and actions that truly influence a quality product for those counting on getting down the road."
- Scott Julien, Maufacturing Engineer Manager, Oxford, Michigan 
AAM associates
AAM associates
AAM associates
AAM associates
AAM associates
AAM associates